[ ridi-ludi-fool ] *castle (ver.2)

★This is the improved version which imposed access restrictions
on each door of [ ridi-ludi-fool ] *castle.

- It is a castle of four stories in total including the underground.
- Scripted seven lockable doors.
- copy OK, modify OK (excluding scripts), NO transfer
Please edit it As You Like.
- 222 Prim (* Rusty chandelier is contained)
- footprint 28m x 28m, about 40m in height
- There are islands *sky land / *sky land -snow- floating in the sky as an option.
Please use it for foundation if you put the castle on the sky.
- The castle is all packaged up in a rez-faux system
for easy installation on your own land.

< function >
[ Big Window ] --- Big window with terrace
→ The door part is opened and shut by touch.
→ Show dialog when you touch parts other than the door, you can change
outside/inside designs of window into nine kinds respectively.
[ Small windows ] --- Small window of the outside wall
→ The color is changed by touch. (13 colors)
[ Elevator ] --- Creaking elevator that connects the first floor with underground
→ The concealed door is opened and shut by touch.
→ A right and left button opens and shuts the door in the elevator,
and an upper and lower button moves it.
Please move the elevator after the door closes.
[ Chandelier ] --- Rusted chandelier
→ You can set on/off, color, range of light and glow of candle.
(Refer to another note card *rusty chandelier for details. )
[ Spiral staircase ] --- The stairs between the first floor and the second floor
→ you can sit on the prop for short cut.
[ Secret chair ] --- Chair for movement that connects the second floor
with the third floor
→ The concealed door is opened and shut by touch.
→ It moves when sitting on a chair.
[ Slide door ] --- Door to go out to rooftop
→ The wall of the passage in the rooftop is opened
and shut by touch.

[ Door lock ] --- Access is restricted
→ Touch and hold the door to call a dialog, and choose those
who can access the door. (Owner only, Member only, Anyone)

DEMO here => http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Mashpee/186/190/2701

I inform you that it became impossible to use the translation function of *ultra basic HUD.

・Related article *ultra basic HUD (Function explanation:1)
・Related article *ultra basic HUD (Function explanation:2)
・Related article *ultra basic HUD (Function explanation:3)

Because the system which HUD used for translation switched it to paid service from December 1, 2011, this problem happened.

When it translates regardless of language now, it returns "nu."

Because translation function of HUD was not usable, all of you using this become inconvenient, and I regret it very much.

There are no other problems.
You can use functions other than a translator as before.

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