*castle: How to assemble

Oct 20, 2011

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I am very grateful to all of you who bought our products and all of you reading this blog.

Please take the following articles into account to prevent the malfunction of the elevator.
[ ridi-ludi-fool ] *castle
Unique castle of suitable size ★ with rusty chandelier

about *castle http://ridi-ludi-fool.blogspot.com/2010/10/castle.html

I use rezzer called Rez-Faux to easily build a castle safely.
Because You can let the whole big building is not linked to make translation/rotation, it is very convenient.

< how to assemble *castle >

1)The number of prims that you can do REZ must confirm whether 223 or more are in your land.

2)Rez *castle(box) on your land.

3)Touch *castle for show dialog, and choose [Rez] button.
   The castle is automatically assembled.

Note : It is not likely to unite neatly when SIM is heavy or the state of SL is not good.
         You should choose "Derez" button and eliminate all parts of the castle at such time.
         After that, please you choose the "Rez" button and re-assemble the castle.

4)The castle moves according to it when you move and rotate *castle(box).
   You move the box so that the castle may come to the position that you want to set up.

5)When you choose "Save" of the dialog, the position of the castle is fixed.

6)You choose "OK" and are all completion. Please delete *castle(box).

Note : Please use the castle after choosing "Save".
They do not operate correctly when some parts such as elevators are moved before "Save".

I was asked "Why does not the elevator make a right move?" several times.
It was a cause that Save button was not pushed.
Please be careful.

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