*castle: Access change script 2

Nov 12, 2011

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【Access change script for *Tower B】

There is a chair for teleport to the third floor in *castle.
Although the chair is hidden in the seclet door and only the owner has opened and closed the door,we prepared this time 
the script which enables change of access to a camouflage door.

You only replace an old script of the camouflage door with this new script,
and become able to choose the person who can access the camouflage door 
among "Owner only, Group member only, Anyone".

Please refer to the following reports about how to replace scripts.

about *castle http://ridi-ludi-fool2.blogspot.com/2010/10/castle.html

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The script is in [ ridi-ludi- fool ] MAIN shop.
Please buy it with 0L$.

< How to replace script for *Tower B

1)Two scripts "*Tower B1" and "*Tower B2" are used.

2)Edit *Tower B and drag and drop script "*Tower B1" from your inventory to contents.

3)Check "Edit linked" and choose a secret door.
Please confirm an object name is "slide" at this time.

4)Delete an old script "New Script" in contents.
Drag and drop a new script "*Tower B2" from your inventory to contents.

5)Dialog is displayed by your press and hold, and choose a button.
"Owner" --- Only an owner can open / close a door.
"Group" --- Only members of the group set at the door can open / close a door.
(A setup of a group is mentioned later)
"Anyone" --- Anyone can open / close a door.
"-exit -" --- Dialog is closed.

6)Your setup can be checked by a chat.

7)The door of *Tower B opened and closed by touch.

6)The present access permit describes at [description] of a general tab.
About a setup of the group permitted by "Group" ---
- The member of a group described in the [group] of a door is permitted access.
- How to change the group set as the door,
1)Push a button beside [group] and call a group list.
2)Choose the group which wants to admit access from a list, and push the OK button.
When you rent land, objects may be returned if the group is changed.

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